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Container 660 Liters

Container's Details :

(Suitable for use in the city)

مخزن مکانیزه660 لیتری

  • Code : 1016
  • Volume (L): 660
  • Weight approx. (Kg): 38
  • Useful load (Kg): 265
  • Height (mm): 1200
  • Width (mm): 1210
  • Depth (mm): 765
  • Material: HDPE


رنگ بندی مخازن مکانیزه رازک شیمی


  • Suitable for use in the city and towns
  • Ability to use as rubbish bin and recycling bin
  • Handles reinforced with metal pipe
  • Mechanized unloading and comfortable
  • Ability to add pedal
  • With two door model



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