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Plastic Waste Bin

سطلهای زباله

Razakplast domestic bins are used by households ,offices and industrial facilities for sorting and collecting organic and recyclable waste.A special handle design locks or releases the bin lid de pending on its position.when the handle is either in up or in front position , the lid remains loked,preventing the accidental emptying and keeps out any house-pets  or rodents.the bin lid is released as soon as the handle is positioned in the back position.


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Razak plast is proud to be the first manufacturer and exporter of 360, 770 and 1100 liter waste bin, focusing on export through UAE achieve to Developed markets in Europe, Australia and Africa. Integrated management, concentrating to human resources and using the best materials in the manufacture of products is Razak plast's distinct aspects to achieve the specified goals set in the target markets.